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 Passive Homes - The Future of Homes and Cottages 

If you are wondering what a passive home is, Passipedia states it best; 


Passive homes are “energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time. Passive House is not a brand name, but a construction concept”


At Butterwick Building we have specialized in building Passive Homes in and around the Muskoka Region, and have implemented energy saving technology in each home we build.

Air exchange is an essential concept behind passive homes. Air exchange causes a need for higher energy use in your home or cottage to replace air that is leaking through walls, windows, and doors that are not expertly sealed or insulated. With Passive Homes we adapt the building to best use quality materials and craftsmanship.

To date we have built 2 completely passive homes, with our best rating yet: 0.7 air exchange! 

A 0.7 air exchange rate means that 70% of the air in the house leaks out through seams, windows, or from opening doors, and needs to be replaced hourly, the average house built generally needs to replace internal air twice every hour, around 2.0 or 200%. As the air replacement needs decrease, the less heating and cooling you need to use to sustain the desired internal conditions of your home or cottage.


Passive houses help home-owners save on energy costs and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially with new technology implemented in both renovations and new builds. Our goal is to help you save money by ensuring building quality like no other, while also lowering your affect on the natural environment in the Muskoka region. 


We believe Passive Homes are the homes of today and the future.