Butterwick Painting Co.

Our team of expert painters have been involved in the restoration, change, and improvement of cottages, businesses, bunkies and homes across the Muskoka Region. Butterwick Building Company Ltd loves working with them on projects new and old, and they also work on their own separate projects.

Butterwick Painting Co. specailizes in ranging projects: from new builds, main-street businesses face-lifts, to the restoration of old family getaways. With an offsite pre-finishing workshop the team can assist in finishing any large scale projects like exterior siding and trim or flooring before installation. Butterwick Painting Co. also excels in colour matching old homes, technical furniture refurbishment, and painting advice perfect for the Muskoka region and each individual customer.

You can view the scope of their work by viewing any of the projects listed above, as we prefer to work with our quality team.

To get ahold of them call our shared office, or e-mail them at